Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


I preordered two Ps4 day one, and already have one sold :lol And +1 to Pc Bf, I have BF3 on pc… played for awhile, then Black Ops 2 came out. Wont ever buy another Cod game, they just dont keep me wanting to play like Battlefield.


played in a BF2 tournament on PC for a couple years. 21CW


SIG P238 Pearl Edition


This harness is plug and play; no splicing involved. It is extremely easy to install. Besides the physical aspect, it simplifies the PCM side of the swap. There is no segment swap (GenIII) or fancy programming needed (GenIII and IV). Converts any 4L60e, 4L65e, or 4L70e to 4l80e, car or truck, even 97-98 LS1’s! For 07-later vehicles with seperate trans controllers, an 80 swap can be particularly difficult with the older style harness. With the removal of a code or two from the TCM, that’s all you need to get the ball rolling. It retains cruise control and OEM shift indicators. This cable retains FULL LOCKUP at lockup speeds, even at zero throttle. End the annoying cycling of your converter if you originally did it the other way. Made in the USA!


NOS LAV-25 power pack.


fuck YES. what can you put that in wayne?


you can shoehorn those into pick up trucks


a tank.

apocalypse here I come.




yea, BAN that cuomo you faggot.




New daily?


4 of these

And 4 of these:


Generals have been good for us. my pops buys tons of them every year for family, friends and his company trucks. We have them on many different types of cars/trucks and not a single complant across the platforms running those tires.


Yup I’ve used the altimax on my last 2 cars as well with no complaints. And that includes driving VT mtn roads mid snow storm lol.


Got the GTX760, wanted the 770… but figured Nah live with what my 500watt can run. Later on upgrade tower and power supply then SLI… two 760’s. WRONG
Turns out I am one 6pin short of being able to run the 760… Ended up buying a new power supply anyway. F YOU rosewell!


rosewell arent known for high quality psu’s. Especially if you are tring to run a hefty video card off it like that 760… even if its “rated” watt wise to run it and plug wise it can, they are usually overrated and have inconsistant voltage swings under harder load which will crash out time to time. That corsair is a great unit, polar opposit of that rosewell. Stability issues are usually caused by crappy PSU’s… you made the right choices my good sir!



Lets see. Two cans of red spray paint, a funnel, two of the wrong kind of headlight bulbs, a bottle of fucked transmission death prolonger, two cheap jvc 6.5 inch door speakers. And still one doesn’t work. Ugh.


It says post a picture not a fucking sob story.