Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


Bahahahaha what comes around is all around!

Need to keep it so we can all go riding.


Nope, 360 and then going to do the $10 upgrade once my XBOne gets here.



nice buy Sully!


:rofl plus rep


selling my PS4 for big yen!

PC is where it’s at for battlefeild :bowdown


Ups guy just dropped these off. I gave him some candy bars


dont think i can buy a sony product.



do you skate or are they just awesome wall hangers?


even if you skate why would u use those decks for anything except decoration. way too cool to destroy.


Wall art


What kind of candy bars?


We had full size snickers and glow sticks. We only got 2 trick or treaters and the UPS guy. I have a so much left over


LOL. I’m pumped for all the candy sales. I need to stock up.


Where you live Jake, I’ll come get it. :lol


My co worker gave out full size bars too. I guess he had minimal trick or treaters as well since he brought in Reese’s baby Ruth’s and snickers up the wazoo for us.


where did jew get those Jacob? id like some


Lunch time field trip. Candy surplus.


skateboards? evasive motorsports

you can also get them individually


also if you want more (this is the guy that designed them):