Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


BRAP!!! Huge thanks to the wifey for an awesome indirect b-day gift.


u gonna put a diesel in it?


nah it’s already 2 stroke, that’s 1 out of 2 criteria so i’m happy.


I think you should get a set of ice tires on it for this winter, sir!


Ice tires & a quad… don’t think the 110 would handle good with ice tires :eeek


with waynes scrawny self i think it would be fine with ice tires haha i can help duct tape you on it if u want, it would be like old times haha


Oh, it’s a 110 - bore/stroke kit? Even better! We run a few mostly-stock crf100’s on the ice. A two-stroke 110 would be plenty of fun!


it’s a 2007 cr85r. so 85 2 stroke.


Ah, okay - I misunderstood TracEy’s comment about a 110. Either way- you should do some ice riding this winter with us though, sir.


i studded up my 110 last winter was a ton of fun


I have the 110! Sorry for the confusion! We’ve been riding together, so I would want something to ride in the snow/ice too- might need 4 wheels doe.

Jon you know I can barely ride on grass! I would prob kill myself on snow/ ice!


Ah, on the contrary- riding on the ice with ice tires has alot of grip! You’d love it!


If it’s anything like a bicycle with studs the grip is actually surprising on ice haha. You have to work pretty hard to get them to let go of their bite in the ice.


i have an LTZ400 for sale :lol


Y ya selling the z400 ? There a good quad


speaking of quads were you able to figure out everything my POS needs?



^ In hand already? I preordered the killzone bundle the day they announced it, and just the extra controller showed up today :lol


Insert pic of Battlefield 4 packaging here.


just picked it up, GS only hold for 2 days for pre-order. Was gonna get Driveclub, but was delayed. I Played 2 & 3 and I enjoyed them, and I want a 1st party game for the launch.