Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


You going to have a fun summer. Wish I got out on mine way more last summer.


I mean what motor is in the superjet?


650, that one is my buddys


Oh alright. I can’t help you as much with the Kawasaki stuff. I don’t know shit about them lol


Post a pic of some jet skis and chads trying to suck your cock through a wet suit.


Brb renting a wet suit and googling jetski pics.


Sbardy is sexy in a tight assless wetsuit


Wassup boys! Still enjoying being out of NY. Especially with how easy it is to enjoy my newest hobby…my latest purchases…
Yes…it holds more than 7 rounds. :rofl
Got a Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum and a S&W 500 on the way :rockon


wherd you move?




buddy picked up that same 1911 45acp… its a sweeeeet gun!

the rest of the stash looks dope too! nice choices!!!



nice… ive been looking for a nice sound bar with a subwoofer how do you like yours?




Oh great just what the world needs. Another bearded guy with a camera. Lol

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I’ve had the camera for a year… I got it after I sold my nikon. I’ve had a dslr for a while … The lens is new though


Lol I was just busting balls.

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Your Still a fucking hipster with a beard and a camera.


Faggot. Will neg asap


I really like it, but you if you want really good sound you gotta pay to play. You can buy a pretty bad ass TV and surround sound system for what I paid for that.

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