Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


One more sitting and it will be completely done. Loving it so far and can’t wait for the color!


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picked this up for $280! now I just need to wait until a bottom chest goes on sale


I got the same deal on the same topper. The rotterdam sears had one on the scratch n dent for $269. Few small scrattches no dents worked fine, no big deal ill take it. I shot the shit with the dude there for a bit about fab work and such. He goes to lift it and is damn thats heavier than I thought… ill be right back. Thinking hes going to get help, he comes back and says we have one last one left in stock new in box ill just give you that one so I dont have to lift that thing! lol YOU ARE THE MAN!

Its a hoss box too for the money. I have one of the left drawers completely full with BIG morsetaper drill bits, probably 70lbs or so easily. Glides like ice, no binding, no twisting. Its my 3rd big griplatch bb setup and i wont get anything else. I think they discontinued them acutally, not they have a different latch setup I dont like as much as this positive locking setup.


drawers are rated for 75lb a piece. thing is heavy, it probably weight 150lb, I was a bit surprised. the new ones have a smaller latch on the griplatch. my tool cart has the new style and it’s alright but they drawers can still come open at times when they are suppose to be latched. definitely a steal for the money, now I just need to find a bottom and sell my old box or move it to the basement


Yeah i dont dig the new latches at all for that reason. If you ever had a heavy drawer creep open while you have another heavy drawer open while your back is turned and it tips over, you will never want another box without a griplatch type with positive engaugment!



Finally made the decision to go full fairing on the Stryker. It will be able to easily be removed at any time if I want to go for the naked look again. Probably won’t have it for a couple weeks, but I can’t wait! Hated not having some tunes when cruising.


Beverly B2 shear. 10ga cap, aint chineese, so it works for me.

Weldcraft liquid cooled torch set

heavyduty pressure switch for one of the 6 air compressors I am rebuilding

GEM 222 dial indicator

Silicon carbide grinding stone

Diamond hone for finishing tooling bits

A blue one, for use/storage in VT

and some of these to punch holes with


Finally finished it up. On to the next one![ATTACH=CONFIG]31998[/ATTACH]


Im gonna get me a possum.


moar tools, this was one way to drop a gnote fml i feel like wayne, just a broker version. lol

SPI indicator stand

Starrett 25-341j

Mitutoyo 500-753-10

Starrett center punches 2 of them

Irwin 10225 4 piece step bit set


Nice stuff, tax rebate?



i wish, i just sent my books to the advisor 30 hours ago. lol

dont tell my wife but alot of it was a year end bonus at work. :slight_smile:

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as mentioned on fb, bad ass unit there!


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Aluminum transducer trolling motor mount


My dad’s been a serious bass tournament guy for 30+ years.

He sells bass boats for CR’s marine (retirement side gig) if you’re ever interested in going all in.


probably not. At best I would get a used larger bass boat. to buy a new $50k+ bass boat just to go out after work and drink beers with my friends is not worth it to me


Yeah I hear ya. He’s selling his used Basscat right now for 41k.