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Looks good man.^ where you get the valve cover nuts?


They are custom prototypes. 6061 Aluminium with Stainless Steel bolts (Burnt). (bolts replace the studs/nuts)

If there is enough interest Centerline Motorsports may put them into production, in multiple anodized colors with option of Stainless Steel, Black or Titanium bolts (Burnt or Natural).


im definatly interested. I am in need of a set asap and would love to buy theses . I will call centerline and see what they can do. thx



both up and running





were you driving that s13 to performance improvements a few days ago?


yeaaa kev drove me to get plugs for the s14


For sale: 1994 IMPUL R33-R

In transit: 1998 R34 GTT


Woah, upgrade! ^^ I knew the registration was 2014 but didn’t know you could import R34 yet.

Here’s mine finally got a temporary plate and had some fun before I take it to get etested.


you remember the guy parked behind you in that grey truck? was me lol



^ are you trickey?


great condition, congrats.
have underbody/engine pics?



I just don’t post much here…


Finally got the block back from the machine shop. looking pretty! :smiley:
.bored and honed to 86.5mm
.CP 9:1 comp pistons 86.5mm
.eagle h beam rods
.kings series tri layer bearings
.polished crank and balanced rotating assembly
.new oil pump
.ARP main and head studs



^ How many hours custom did that scoop take?? love the cage like that