Post the Most Recent picture of your car (PICS ONLY)


I hate everyone with an S15.


Someone on son?


I follow the top one on instagram, (theillestfarias)


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Nice!! Time to slap a USDM lip on that Bisch lol. I don’t think I ever encountered a s14 with the plastic trim along the door and the fenders. don’t know how I feel about it :s .


My front end is complete. USDM kouki lip, 6K HID fogs, 6K HID JDM headlights, JDM grill, JDM “S” badge.

dropped it on some janki ass Frankenstein style JIC Coilovers. They will have to do untill I get my hands on a complete set up proper coils. Time to buy some rims.



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all sorts of rice.


Couple recent pics of my interior

Custom Turbo timer enclosure

Rest of the car looks like this still


Rear widebody will be done soon.




almost ready!


^looks familiar…

bronze hammertone powder coat


^ nice colour x2


Yea I rolled this dude’s fenders. I can’t recall his name at the moment. But it’s a legit Kouki and actually super clean.


is that Phils or rishi’s old car?





Car’s looking good, cool choice of color for the engine bay.


This was at KC last night.