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Is that a 242 GT?!?! If so, thats awesome!


no its just a regular turbo, but is does have a manual transmission… its going to be my winter beater this year then come spring I’m going to do a v8 swap


everyone knows mine


the reeking smell of cum and vasaline didn’t keep you away?


damn darkstar it seems you have gayness on your mind constantly… I would go see a shrink about that



its not gayness as much as its 1320, or both…



My 83’ Datsun 280zx Non Turbo Coupe (5 speed)

I rebuilt the entire frame/structure. No rust at all. Oh and it has t tops and she talks :smiley:

I might consider sellin’ it.

custom cat back exhaust, and intake :slight_smile:

extremely reliable.


do you still have the park bench on the back?


that car looks amazing, take the wing off…


its already been off. lol It takes 4 bolts to remove.

oh btw, I redid the interior completely. (new carpet, seats, etc.)


not yet, flashlight drag once

having a boost solenoid issue I think currently, but next season I’m gonna take it up to PRP and see what I can run. I have Hooser 225/50/16 drag radials for it on some stock RSX-S wheels. Suppose we’ll see what it’ll do. I’d hope for a high to mid 12, I’m a newb at high hp FWD on the track. Only thing I can do is practice :stuck_out_tongue:


winter weather broke so I let her see daylight:
![ 021.jpg]( 021.jpg)
1.8, 5-speed
almost 53k! :bigok:
Mainly used for autocross and tinkering on (not that I am any good at either, but it is still fun)


My '05 WRX

Engine Mods:
-IHI VF39 Turbo
-STI 565cc injectors
-Walbro 255
-Stromung 3" Catless Turboback
-Perrin Up pipe
-Cobb Accessport
-Ebay front and rear strut braces

-STI front bumper and splitters
-GT Spec S203 Replica c/f lip
-replica JDM rear spats
-some cheap knock off wheels i wish i wouldn’t have wasted my $$ on.


looks nasty man… you know how much whp ur puttin down? or a guess? i think the wheels looks decent though too, but im usually the same way with name brand stuff




^ seen your build thread. Looks good…


Right now I am just running the OTS tune off the Accessport. I am going to get a dyno tune in the near future after I install my new clutch. If I had to guess I would say that I am in the ballpark of 250 WHP and should be around 290 whp after I get the dyno tune.