pretty good band from buffalo

My friends just recorded this, ex where we hide(my old band)/dead hearts. if you like saves the day, lifetime, bouncing souls, daggermouth or H2O you should like this. It’s very high quality melodic hardcore.

check out where we hide as well, we never broke up so there may be some shows this summer, I have a new band looking for a singer pretty much like RBL/WWH, more guitar oriented prog. hardcore, not ready to be shown off yet.

WWH link.

you were in dead hearts?

sounds like music from crazy taxi

saw dead hearts a couple times with ETID and It Dies Today. Good stuff :tup:

Where we hide.

three of us from where we hide were also in rex banner, top that nyspeed.

What a fucking awesome band name.


Good shit i like it.

Sounds pretty good, Might have to check out the show on the 11th

your thinking of rex manning day, rex banner is from the simpsons.

I hear that band is homosexual, whats with that?

not too shabby…but i’m still a Johnny Nobody diehard, IMO best local band.

That’s because you haven’t heard my band :wink:

I have a rex banner shirt and cd.Good stuff

some of my friends were at the burger king by holiday valley and then someone mentioned rex banner and 8 random people in there knew us, 1 of them didn’t like us but I thought it was funny, lot of people have heard of us for being a crappy ska band, that was a fun band.

Ever hear of And Many More?

<- Lol, guest drummer for rex banner…

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