I hear this is where all the cool kids hang out.

I used to live in Rochester. I live in Raleigh NC now. I read alot more than I post. I like FWD Mopars and did some aftermarket development on the first gen Neons. I enjoy vintage Japanese motorcycles.

But now I am in pony car hell with no project car or motorcycles. But on the flip side I seem to be able to get out of tickets here, something I never could do in NY.

Anyways… nice digs.

gtfo lurker

Howdy dentooon

Whatup Mr. Craig.

How’s the old Neon? Still kickin, or gone to pasture?




She still serves daily duties. Hard to kill. Good little slut but she isn’t real exciting. I miss the ACR.

whats happening!

hello, welcome

yes…what the angry mod said :slight_smile:


Good to hear she’s still alive and kickin. Still got the gears in there, or did you put it back to stock?


Still have the gears. 6 mile commute makes it worth it to keep them in. I have to drop the valve body to clean up the corrosion on the throttle kickdown shaft. I’m not looking forward to that. Oh and the damn sunroof shit out again.

All this gas price bullshit is making me think about german oil burners though. Unless anyone knows someone who wants to sell me a SRT4 dirt cheap.

Thanks for the kind words all.

Welcome…Im NOOB…BUt hey…–> Welcome…

Nice! 3.72 final drive in a DOHC automatic Neon is pretty neat :slight_smile: How many miles on her now?

Sunroof again? It happened once on me, then once on your right after you got it from me. This will be the third time? WTF? Yank the glass and just install a screen door up there :slight_smile:

Also … where’s the ACR? I thought that was your baby?