Pulled Sr20 needs work preformed on it.

Sry if its the wrong area
I have a freshly pulled SR, I know it ran good last season (I know because I drove it) and it even some work done it but now now that i have it out id like to have everything done so it will be ready to pop back in… My main goal is to make engine run smooth and really not have to worry about anything for a (long) while…

basically a turn key sr not a time bomb waiting to blow up on me.

I have a list of things i would like done to the engine including:

  • Cleaning top to Bottom
  • Port/Polish
  • All New gaskets + Metal head gasket
  • Visual inspection (just to make sure everything’s in good condition, I want to take care of all issues at once)
  • Compression test
  • Arp Studs

Looking for a nice shop, turn around time is not the most important thing, if its going to take to take a month than its going to take a month, I don’t want the work rushed or 1/2 assed and I don’t want poor work. if you can reccomend a place I would be extremely thankful, I wanted SG to do all the work but looks like im SOL since they closed…
It may seem like Im making the engine sound like its in a really bad condition but that’s not the case at all its a pretty much clean/stock SR… I just wanna make sure as mint as possible b4 going back in my car.

Please pm me. Thanks!
[LEFT]Ill want some info on the shop/previous work.


I’m currently in the process of doing this myself. minus the port and polish. If you were able to pull the motor on your own you should be able to do everything but machining without going to a shop. You will pay a lot at a shop as it is a very time consuming job. I’ve been taking my time but I have at least 10 hours of work so far and that’s just getting everything pulled apart. But if you have lots of money I would call canadian cylinder head or rstuning. I’m not sure if canadian cylinder head will do all that work but they can do the port and polish and deck the head and block for you.

its something I’m more then willing to pay for, don’t want to cut corners.

HKS Metal Gasket, new ARP studs, f/r main seal, all gaskets,(intake, exhaust, valvecover, oilpan(x2), all waternecks, housings etc, compression test before and after, clean up and paint.
$1500. All oem nissan gaskets. 800 up front. Let me know.

pmed. well talk, Don’t want to use OEM gaskets tho, would like something a bit less likely to leak something like hks

For head gasket I think he means go with something metal like HKS. All other engine gaskets and seals should still be oem.

Judging by “HKS metal hg” id assume so, lol.

have a shop in engine performance shop in paris, call 2269227565 for more info. 600 for engine rebuild, 120 for engine hoaning, balancing, boring, and decking, Plus your aftermarket parts. gimme a call

bumping/adding pics of the engine in question!

If theirs no other people/recommendations Ill be moving forward in the next week or so.

Im not sure callings best if anything id like come to the shop with n speak with you directly, I have decided to wait on the port/polish for now if anyone wants more pics i have lots just let me know!

3 pics below:

Where are you located? I know someone who built 6 second cars for the better part of 28 years, he may be able facilitate your needs

Not to be a d-bag, but how will P build a motor if he’s now legally blind? lol

…sharpe_corners? xD lol

Its been taken care of! Parts and Engine Just waiting On it now.

(just saying … Wasnt looking to build a 6 second car or anything. Just want to make sure it was a turn key Sr Thx to everyone tho.)

where are you located?