R.I.P. Lincoln, you will be missed

The car is done! The whole front end is now pointing upwards. No lights, not many windows, one door hanging off, no brakes, and believe it or not it will still run for short periods of time. It was actually driven back down to the road. Radiator is fine. Thanks to everyone who made this day awesome. I can’t begin to explain how fun it was. Pics/vids will be posted soon.

And also: The car is on Tifft st. If anyone knows of a towing company that runs 24 hours near there, let me know ASAP! I need to get it to the junkyard before it disappears.:lol:

wtf you talk about a car that sound like it got run over by a train but i want to see CARnage!!!


This car was truely from an era where built ford tough meant it. It still ran drove like a dream like this.

Coming soon:
-Dressing the lincoln
-Burly fucking burnouts.
-Random party pukeage
-Rally gravel drifto action
-Home run-derby: Taillight edition
-Lame subaru axis spins.
-More burnouts, donuts.
-The indestructable door.
-Ghost ride da’ whip off the biggest hill to be found.
-Jam launching this car several feet in the air off a tabletop jump.
-Some pictures of my awesome self.
-Hot and sexy offroad action.
-Pimping the woman’s restroom.

And more, MUCH more.

There are no words that can describe the awesome of both this car, and this day.

fucking a. that looks like it was a hell of a time.

i knew i should have called in today!

Pics coming tomorrow. Jam just put them on my computer. Patience!

<— le jam

yesterday fucking ruled. my back is fucking killing me.

here is a teaser vid, more pics and vids uploading as we speak.

there was only one view of the “grand finale” taken by arrons gf, so im waiting on her

lol nice

started off the day by adding some tires to the 45790243089657056 that are already there

this is what happens when you hit a dresser while doing 45 or so

we were all extremely hungover from the night before, after a while beast really couldnt handle the offroading


we ran to the gas station to get some more cold budweiser and returned to this (someone threw a rock through the back windshield)


you should have done this a couple weeks ago so they could take it away with the big ship…mabye you would have got some $ for scrap

fuzzyfish dorifto y0!

man. too bad you couldn’t kill the


by driving it in to some sort of


GOD damn hit the fucking mirror already

Jam, this is the earliest i’ve ever seen you awake…were you that excited to post these :stuck_out_tongue:

Still waiting for the vid of the jump that killed it. :slight_smile: