~* Race Fuel Locations *~


wtf is turbo blue? guess i should look into it. the race gas at the BP by the track in New Alexandria screwed up my 02 sensor. they said it was unleaded but all the 110 fuel i see around is leaded so i think they lied to me. some nice unleaded race fuel would be nice to see.


Sweet! I will check it out tomorrow.


The Exxon at the intersection of Duncan Ave and Thompson Run Road does indeed sell racing fuel. I stopped by last night to buy a few gallons. ($6.99 per gallon.) The pump lists the fuel as 118 octane. I’m not 100% sure what type the fuel is because the front of the pump says Turbo Blue but the side says VP Racing Fuels.


They used to sell turbo blue from that pump. Its now VP fuel.


Does the purvis in Butler sell VP stuff or just the one in Mars? I can probably make it to Butler after work but Mars is pushing it. Trying to get some C16 by Sunday.


Your car up and running? If you see a silver C5 around Kittanning running away from you with it’s tail between it’s knees, that would be me.


They switched from 114blue to 110vp at the station in Cabot down past Learnerville towards butler. Its like 6.xx a gallon but I bought a can of c16 it was like 75bux for 5gal…f that i’ll run 110.


Taking the car to get it tuned Sunday. Hope to have it back next weekend. Just checked today and C16 is 15.11 a gallon. Hope 5 gallon lasts me awhile. Then again if I go through that much at least the car is running and making some boost.