Raif finally goes 9s!!!!!

my buddy finally went 9s after a few different setups, car isn’t even fully tuned as he just put it on e85


built 2.0L
ported head

supporting mods

Is the one that blew the coolant line off few weeks ago?

yea, the dudes who did the bottom end didn’t put a freeze plug in straight

Wha did this thing make for power?

hasn’t been on the dyno, let alone its barley tuned… made 520@18psi before they started having issues with the double pumper, so they did an aeromotive pump and haven’t had a chance to retune it. soon though.

i’m sure it was making about 620-640 as it ran down the track

thats sweet, congrats to raif. good shit right there

The 1068 evo should then easily go 5’s.

Stock dash light record? lol Nice run. That colt was BA too lol

stock interior door handles?

Damn that’s moving. His car was one of the only cars at Lvd a few weeks ago that was impressive.

Pete, everyone knows that evos are impressive… No need to exaggerate when you say he was only making 640-660. If you look under his other videos, you can clearly see him on the dyno making 733whp at 35psi with a 42r last september.

Ya but that car is still running the stock spoiler…lol


Petes nuts…

Off the topic but your car should be in the 9s too right?

Probably, with the right wheels/tires. I’ll probably run it in the fall.

Your making 20whp more on low boost than the one in this video. You should easily hit 9s on low boost.

that is my goal this year as well

Lots of variables (dyno, car weight, etc). I’ll run it at the end of the season (so if I break it I have all winter to fix it lol)

Pete, was he on DR or some sort of tire?

From this post, I learn that drag radials are not any sort of tire:rofl