RB25DET Cranks but no start


Im pretty new to this, Having trouble diagnosing the problem
wiring is mostly based off of this write up: http://media.sxoc.com/contributors/s13faq/RB25-S13_Jan_10.pdf

Battery is charged
Spark plugs were wet with fuel after cranking it
electrodes had no indications of wearing
All grounds seem to be grounded

Thanks !

i bought a wiring specialties for my rb25 and it fired right up, even tho the engine came with a harness. But i would start by getting a multi meter and checking for power going to your ignitor and coilpack plugs. lol also looking at the video i would say to make sure you have PERFECT grounds, if you see and previous grounds like the stock chassis grounds by the stock headlights there could be a chance that its corroded and not grounding to the metal, i think you also need to install your TB and tps

Don’t know much about RB25’s but first check to see if your getting 12v to the ignitor harness, check grounds for continuity… Also put your engine to TDC and pull the CAS + fuel rail out. spin the cas by hand to see if injectors fire, then put the rail back in and check if coils fire.

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if all is good, and your getting 12v and so on, check for ecu codes. wire up the consult port and short it to flash codes on the gauge cluster.

^ yes, but when you have the rb in the 240 all wired up correctly and have the ecu plugged in and turn the knob the code will already flash on the gauge cluster no need to wire up any consult

thanks everyone who helped i took all ur advice. i looked over my wiring and forgot to connect a couple wires… just got the rb to start up. :slight_smile:

now having a problem getting it running properly…

Ok so now what’s the problem? You hooked up your tps I assume? And you do have fresh gas (premium) in the tank too right? heh

yeah everything but the premium gas haha, it sounds like a belt is slipping too… i dont have the rad, electric fan, powersteering or intercooler hooked up… and also i have to change the oil and spark plugs.

yea the car will run like shit if you dont have new plugs in it and the fmic hooked up