Any reason for all that? The automotive forum keeps getting farther and farther away.

It will come back up. There is lots of reason, you will see it all shortly.

it kind of looks like EvoM
I Like it better, it’s easier to see what the advertisers are selling/promoting, and who they actually are now

and the forum looks bigger lol

Thanks. Someone sees what we are aiming at. Our sponsors are what keep this place going so we want them to get exposure. Also the sponsor forums at present are all SHOPS; as a car board making it easy to find shops, reviews of shops, special offers etc… just makes sense.

I will be moving the meets back down under the automotive boards, so it will go announcements, sponsors, automotive, meets, then all of the other stuff.

This is the vision of Josh and Bing, and they will be working on it this weekend, as well as everyday following. We are going to make this board into a ever changing entity. If it works it stays, if not then it is scrapped and we move on. Our goal is to make this place the best it can be for everyone. Users, sponsors, mods and admins. The easier it flows for each group, the better the community will become.

My personal hope is that a lot of the BS will fall by the wayside, lots more people will join in and become more interested in the automotive hobby, as well as some motorsports, and the community that was once present locally will start to reform. That is a pipe dream but the closer we get to it, the happier I will become.

Yeah we’ve been triming the fat and making some changes. I’ll making a post explaining things when we’re all back from Watkins Glen :tup: