Recommend me a roofer.

House needs a new roof. Got my first estimate today from black rock. I get the feeling they are the aspen dental of roofing. Need to check with some other places.

Joe foureyed on here if he has enough free time. Great dude. Great work. Fast mustang too!

I just had my roof done by Stockton last week and my parents had their roof done by Stockton on Wed.

Best price and work

I had 25 Squares (roofing term) which includes house and garage. Plus, I had an addition that needed a new rubber roof.

  • I had three layers of shingles
  • They pretty much had 20+ people at my house from 8 am to 6 pm - they finish the roof in one day
  • Total was 7k cash.
  • Architecture Shingles - 35 year but the average life span of roofs is about 19 - 20 years for asphalt shingles
  • 10 year warranty on roof for the labor that was done.

*** Very happy with the roof but sucked buying one ***

I had stockmore, blackrock, and six other roofing companies come to my house. The problem with blackrock and stockmore, they sub-contract all their work which is why the price is so much. Stockton used to sub contract for stockmore.

I def did my research for a month and a half.

If you go to, and click on tax credits and roofs, it provides the companies and brand that are eligible for a 1500 tax credit

lol, thanks Drew. I definitely don’t have enough time this winter, but if you still need the work in the spring I can help you out.

I’ll give them a call. And just make sure they put in all of the ridge vents that they’re supposed to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good. I’m waffling over doing it this fall or in the spring so I may hit you up in a few months.

Just make sure whoever you use quotes a GAF ELK or a CertainTeed. You don’t want any IKO type crap if you’re spending all that money.

[QUOTE=Fry;2375199]I’ll give them a call. And just make sure they put in all of the ridge vents that they’re supposed to. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL - They came next day and fixed it. They also user CertainTeed.

Tell them “Mank” from Kinsey directed you to call them.

My dad had blackrock do a roof for him about two years ago and they did an absolute killer job. They did custom bent gutters also.

He didn’t have to pay because a storm dropped a tree through his back roof, so it was an insurance claim.

I just had some roof work done by Seibold Construction. Not a complete roof but had them repair some fascia work and install a roof vent for a bathroom fan. They did a really nice job. If you tell him you found him off Angies’s List he might give you a break on the price. Mike is the owner and hooked me up pretty good. The damage was a lot worse than expected on my job and he took care of me instead of jacking up the price. 716-674-6401 is his number. Make sure to tell him you got his name/number off Angie’s List.

Fuck I get cranky with people lately. I did some internet searching and checked the BBB to make some more phone calls. I get WC Rott on the phone and they start going into how they can offer us a free verbal evaluation wanting to meet with both me and my wife to make sure we have all of our questions answered and they will bring samples blah blah blah. Fuck no just get your ass up a ladder, take your measurements, and give me a price. I hung up on her.

Quattro Fry?
I think you need beer to calm you down. Come over tonight and drink some.


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Just called him and he left as good of an impression as you can from a 30 second phone call. No bullshit. Giving me an estimate on Tuesday. :tup: He asked where I got his number and I told him “the internet.” He said something about “I guess I had better keep that account.” :tup:

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Mank I left a message with stockton too. Thanks guys.

I also left a message with Gagliano Construction. Looks like a small place in Tonawanda. No complaints on the BBB in 3 years. Anybody know of them?


My DIY sucked :slight_smile:
My pops used stockmore to reroof his house/garage and rebrick the chimney above the roof line.
It was in the Neighborhood of 8 or 9k for a not so hard roof.

do it yourself fggt.


lol, someone had to say it. do it in the winter, shirtless and post pics in the ATIM thread.

double profit.

jeff heim … pretty sure hes in tonawanda/amherst area. i dont have his number though, sorry :(. Does superb work! and extremely fast, ive helped with a roof or two and we did my dads roof. Complete tearoff 3000sq ft ish, and garage with the most godawful unsafe pitch ever in about a weekend with 6 ppl

if he asks where you got the number say, new millenium contstruction

honestly its really not hard at all to roof, i have no idea what the pitch on your roof is or what your house looks like, but you can probably do it yourself (with friends obv) during a nice weekend in springtime and save a shit ton of money

if you get ahold of gagliano … talk to john or dominic … make sure you tell them Derrick from rainbow told you to call … ive known them for a long time

David’s exteriors. They do an excellent job and are super quick.

KV construction 716-310-0119


Seibold construction was just here. Solid dude. Black Rock came it at $10,300. Seibold at $8,700.

I’m going to try to move instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, seriously. For $10k I could get a new roof or close on a $200k house. My mortgage is at 6.8% and people are locking in at under 4.0% right now. Time to get out while the getting’s good.