who to get a roof from?

I need a new roof for my house. I would like some one who is on the bbb that is insured and all that good stuff. Ive had a few people come over for price quote and what not but they were shady and just feeding me lines of bullshit. I want some one who will do my roof the right way the first time, not do short cuts and knows what they are doing. Make suggestions of a good roofer. Thanks.

I had a friend of mine do mine, it was done 2 years ago and I’ve had no issues, but he did it as a side job… so I dont know if you’d be interested.


alright thanks guys any more suggestions are welcomed. its just really hard to pick some one because i dont know who i can trust. my biggest fear is having some half ass job and my roof leaking a few weaks later and having to pay more bucks to get it fixed. seriously roofs are the hardest thing to buy because you dont know who you are dealing with.

Are you going to roof over the existing roof or tear off?

how many sq. ft is it?

tear everything off

not sure exactly ill have to get back on that one

where are you located? home improvement center! pm me and maybe i can help you get something out of it.

Black rock roofing
Neth and sons

are all good places.


shingles or metal?

Roofing is great.
I am almost finished with mine.

~14 squares cost me ~2k for materials.

Its really, not great. In fact I hate it.
But I hate spending money for manual labor more.

What kind of roof is it?
One of those East Amherst roofs with 14 little roofs on one house?

Just had my roof done by Jays-Son Construction. Great job and they were really clean. Good Price too. Phone # 683-2843 They beat everyone elses price also. Ask for Steve

Tri-Town Construction did mine; price was in the middle of my quotes, but seemed like a standup guy. Lots of issues arose and although it did cost more in the end; he didn’t rape me for the issues.

C J Banach Inc
710 Dodge Rd
Getzville, NY 14068

The owner, Cesar is a great guy and seems to have a pretty good crew. He buys paint from me. Tell him Joe from Sherwin Williams recommended him.

thanks every one. the house is a 2 story house and i need shingles. the roof doesnt have crazy angles and is should be straight foward to who ever does it.

where are u located? my uncle is a contractor and i work w/ him alot as well. depending on location he might be interested. PM if ya like

wheatfield i see you live in mt morris lol seems like that would be along ways

Bump because I need a roof on my detached 2 car garage. Anyone do roofing on the side?

David’s exterior’s on william (near harlem) owners name is Richie, good people and reasonable
did my folks roof, and has done work for me in the past that i’ve been very happy with.
He’s one of those guys that says we’ll there there at 8 on friday and actually shows up. I did my own roof year or so ago(needed tear off and i was cheap) i wont be doing it again.