Right to Repair bill

No more locked factory PCMs? Good luck, but I doubt that will fly :rolljerk:


Well yeah, of course the manufacturers are going not going to like this.

I love the, “since we the taxpayers own you now just give us the codes” comments.

Nice little conflict of interest brewing on this one with Government Motors.

this hs been around/ttempted for a for awhile, its a good thing
OBD11 was supposed to be about this, but manufacts found loops

Most scan tools are readily availbe, they just cost big $$ I wouldn’t expect vag com like functionality ub3R cheap on every car… Generally speaking I’ve never heard of you absolutly having to go to a dealer for a diagnosis on something

Back in the news and getting traction in Massachusetts: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5irynCE5HJW5TAy0sajBlaarg0qzgD9H1JKG85


plug in your M5 and see how much connectivity you have other than generic P codes, lol, it’s borderline comical.

So for the shop owners out there, would this help you or not really?

The bill failed:


I still have a dream…

who’s got more vested in the big three? the government or mom and pop trying to make a buck? this was doomed from day one. mom and pop cannot afford lobbyists and bribes… but the big three & more have deep pockets to keep their secrets.


The owner or lessee of the vehicle must be able to “directly” access all of that “through a mobile-based application.” (Unfortunately, “mobile-based application” doesn’t appear to be defined.) If they choose, they can also grant permission so “all mechanical data shall be directly accessible by an independent motor vehicle repair facility or a class 1 dealer

Another bump:

“This will be the most advanced Right To Repair law in the world, opening wireless automotive diagnostics and unleashing a world of possible apps.”

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