Roller Hockey Wed nights @ Pepsi Center 8-10

We moved from Mil-Sher to the Pepsi Center so now we have room for more players. Basically we have about 16 guys, 12 of which are regulars who show up and play rec roller hockey. 3 on 3 was the usual with 1 sub per team and 2 goalies. Experience is not necessary, but you must have your own equipment. Helmet is a must… you might be able to borrow a stick, but you will be responsible for it, I recommend gloves and shin pads. All that stuff can be had for under 100 bux new, and probably 50 used.

Now that we are going to the Pepsi Center, we will have room for 5 on 5 and probably 3 subs per team.

There is a wide variety of experience on the rink at all times. I have only been playing since November. 4 of the other guys have been playing for years. Our “good” goalie has about 4-5 years in net, and the other goalie we have has been in net for about 6 months but is coming along very nicely. We choose random teams, and usually trade if need be. This is no contact… and by no contact i mean no checking. Light contact is aceptable, because it is not completely avoidable, but just friendly rubs. We don’t really play by rules yet due to the lack of experience and no refs… but we try to stay onsides and stuff like that. We don’t have age limits… I think I’m the youngest on the rink most of the time @ 21,another kid who plays is like 17 and some of the guys are late 30s, maybe early 40s, but that doesn’t mean bring your 12 yr old brother so he can learn to skate on our time. Also we are not necessarily co-ed due to the risk involved (some of us are 6ft + and 200lbs+) but we have played with girls in the past and they did fine. I just hate playing with girls, but the more the merrier.

Addicted2Boost and Yelocity and ?GSX? will be able to vouch for the fun we have. Its a good clean group. We sub when we are tired, or when you feel like the sub has been sitting for a while… we don’t necessarily do line changes, but we may end up doing that if enough people show, not sure how well that works in a rec league.

SilverGTP will have more information if you need it. I think playing will be like 10 bux a week or something really cheap. The price of entry is directly related to the attendance that night. We have automated attendance tracking online. Lets you know if any plans change, and sends out e-mails for confirmations. We also have jerseys we bought a couple weeks ago, we may have extras if you want to look like your on a team, but otherwise color choice is BLACK or WHITE. Pick one, not a mix of the 2.

Gimme a call if you need to. 9011081:)

MODS - I put this here for the traffic, and it really isn’t a meet, just gauging intrest. Do as you see fit.

hmm i played for 10 years when i was in shape.

i love hockey, ice or floor

gotta see if my shit still fits (i highly doubt it)

if i didn’t have to work wednesday nights i’d be in

im definately interested. i wouldnt be able to play every week though.

thats cool. If you PM me your email we can send you the link to sign up, or let us know if your out.

oh shit, im so in

i used to ROCK amherst roller hockey until our goalie fucked us this year and we couldnt form a team…

so i’m in for sure

in a few weeks i will be on weekend shifts for good so im definitely down. damn im pumped! I cant wait to put on my cup again!

u know i’m still in… just hope now u don’t get TOO many people showing up…

I might be up for this too. Guess I’ll have to go out and get new bearings and wheels.

I’ll need to fumigate my equipment as well :barf:

Jay… you of all people know TOO many people hasn’t been a problem for us in a long time. :wink: Hopefully that changes, but we can kick some people home.

Its first come first serve… Depending on how many guys we actually get onto the floor at a time, and what time we get on the floor… and how many subs we need…

we don’t know any of this yet, so its all up in the air.

For those of you who are definitely in for WEDNESDAY please PM me your e-mail so I can get you on the list. If too many people want in, we need to get you on the list first.


In the PM please give me your phone number as well… in case of cancellations… which Mil-Sher did a lot. I don’t see that happening @ the Pepsi Place though… its a very nice place

Im in… pm’ing you now

haven’t played puck in a while, miss that ish :tup: :tup:

blah, working wed nights suxor. You should make it later :slight_smile:

ima fuck some people up :slight_smile:

i bet badazz would hop on this too…

FYI - It isn’t puck yet, if there is enoug intrest I’m sure we can change from ball -> puck, but as of now, we will be using a ball.

The ball seems better for the noobs. When guys that are really good play with a puck, it sucks for the guys who aren’t that great because they get skated around hardcore.

Plus a ball makes scoring alot easier, or alot harder to save.

And people with no face masks don’t have to worry about getting a puck in the face.

Don’t listen to him, I don’t remember the last time he scored :wink:

bahahahahaha :slight_smile:



if we wanted ball, we’d go to fageral springs…