Rotoblock - New Engine Design

Quite interesting!!

WAAAAAAAY to many moving parts … heavy moving parts at that

a fucking rotating block ?

and oh yea … they needed a FIVE HORSEPOWER starter to fire up the engine !

IB4a piston snaps off and creats the worlds most expensive tamborine

and oh yea … the dispacmenet to “space the whole concoction takes up” ratio is disgusting

that seems way to confusing. I wonder how big a shot/boost it can take

an oh yea … water cooling > air cooling when it comes to having to meet emission standards

and jeeves : yes it does look confusing … and the damn thing doesnt even have vtec :tdown:

i bet it would blow up really cool like

That shit is wayyy too over complicated. Tell me if this makes sense to anyone.

That’s an answer looking for a question :smash2:

and what do they plan on using that in?

that’s pretty cool

2stroke technology is old skool.

I want a 2stroke deisel in a civic.


power to weight, mad revvs.

and they had it on powerblock… so its all the rage these days

looks like it was made by mistake. I dont know why anyone would plan to make that. It just looks way to complicated to be practical.

good idea…would like to see a prototype in action


179 lbs 35.5 hp 193 lb/ft N/A

i think its cool, yeah sure those guys are uber nerds, until u design a motor that is intranet worthy then u can hate. props to the chess clubberz

i dunno… that’s an awful lot of moving parts :tdown:

If it doesn’t have pistons, it won’t work.


it has 8 pistons i thought?