RSX Type-S - Turbo vs. Blower Comparison

I finished up Aaron’s JRSC’d RSX Type-S today and the results definitely impressed me. He’s boardering on the peak numbers the turbo guys are making after tuning and his throttle response is sick. He is running non-intercooled for now.

As you can see the turbo RSX-S I tuned makes a lot more horsepower and torque down low, but it’s a rather expensive kit with a ball bearing turbo, so I’m not surprised. The intercooler he has is sold seperately and isn’t cheap either.

I tuned both cars with KPro.


edit: Both cars are running aftermarket intakes and exhaust. Both cars are 2003 RSX Type-S’s with stock engines.

peak is nice, but it all comes down to area under the curve.

the one thing i do like about the blower is the linear power.

I would like to see a real world race. (one at the track, one roll racing and one at auto x(with the same driver)) :slight_smile:

:word: but those are some alright numbers:tup:

Why did you rev the SC’d one out further than the turbo? Or is that just that particular graph?

I would definately prefer the SC for Auto-X use because of the throttle response.

so it’s hard to say which would be faster in the end

staying bone stock my ass


nice numbers…

I believe I set the rev limit at 8800 on both. The turbo car doesn’t need to be revved out as much to stay in the peak powerband, so I didn’t bother taking it to rev limit on the final “tuned” pull. The car is tuned all the way to the rev limiter though.

Wow, solid numbers with SC. Whos HKS kit was the comparison?

Was 11 psi on stock engine?

nice comparising. Im alittel biased toward the SC myself sence i love them :lol:. I wonder how different it would be if boost was the same for both units, either having the sc upped to 11psi or the turbo dropped to 6psi. The turbo does show nice gain threw out the whole RPM range though. I know 5psi makes a big difference for me. But the 9psi peak comparisen does show a positive improvement over the sc.

I heard that SC rsx on the dyno that day, sounded soooo pissed off, very nice.

very nice boys

You are comparing apples to oranges…

what about the housing/size of the turbo vs supercharger?

If the power is tapering off up top the turbo is probably not very big

it does however, have a pretty broad powerband in both situations

I agree with you and both show great improvements over stock. Im not hating I would just like to see both compaired at the same boost level that is all. Im impressed both both set ups.

yeah i wanted to run a turboed s but no one is here to compare with. Props to mike with everything he did to tune this bisch. Now if only jackson racing will get their ass into gear for a colling system.

How much $$ are we talking?

No, Pumice. Don’t do it.

yes Pumice DO IT…Come on DO IT

You could push the blower to 11psi, but the turbo would still make a lot more power in the lower RPMs because it doesn’t depend on engine RPM alone to increase pressure. The instant and totally repeatable and linear response of the blower makes it great for autoX, but I wish there was more power down low.

You could force the turbo to make less boost at lower RPMs with an EBC, but that would make for an unrealistic comparison.

These are both stock engines. The turbo Type-S came from Rochester for me to tune it.

4 stacks of high society - including k pro and you could even run 500 less if ur ok with 7lbs of boost