Turbo vs. Supercharger

Advantages and disadvantages?

Disadvantages I’ve heard:

Must spool to get power
Possible turbo lag
More expensive
May require extensive fabrication (depending on the vehicle)

Costs power to make power

Doesn’t use power to make power

No lag
Power is there all the time
Direct bolt on (possible minor fabrication)

But, I have heard someone mention once that a SC has to spool up too?
I have also heard more that turbos can be boosted like mad, wheras SC’s are limited by the pulley size…

Can anyone clear this stuff up?


there is also a theory that superchargers are a more reliable and streetable application…of course that also depends a number of factors when cpmapring to turbo system…centrifugal SC do have spool up time but its very minimal…as u said depending on ur application custom fab maybe required…personally i would go SC for my car…there are both Turbo and SC available…but when it really comes down to it it all depends on you…a good tune for both will keep ur reliability factor up…i maybe wrong but on what i said but this is waht i have understood about them both…more knowledgable people wiill chime in i am sure

Apples and oranges… you need to get more specific about things…

which turbo, which supercharger…

types ?

If you are leaving your car in near stock form, I’m pretty sure there is a supercharger out for it already…turbos can be installed reliably on an otherwise stock car, but it requires some custom work for manifolds and exhaust, as well as a good tune to make sure you don’t blow shit up. Still, without replacing internals you can only run each up to a point before you start sacrificing reliability.

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can anyone clear this stuff up?



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in either application, you have to look at everything that wil be involved in adding either power adder to a vehicle. Many other components are affected and the price tag can add up real quick. I would say, whatever the cost of the power adder costs, figure about that number times three before your done.

Things to consider:

just to name a few.

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You can’t say which is better until, like Howie said, you discuss options as far as the Turbos. You could run a weiner turbo that will spool by a grand and see low end power but nothing up top. Run a beast of a turbo and have nothing down low (or up top for that matter if your engine can’t make enough airflow to spool it :lol: ) and see some power up top. S/C’s are decent for instant power and more streetable, but in the long run a turbo is the better option in my honest opinion.

go to www.howstuffworks.com you will find a lot of information there

there are turbos designed for mid-range power as well…u wont have awesome peak numbers but it will have power in the mid range where most DD need and use it

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