S&R Petition


So someone started a petition page to bring Shredd and Regan back to mornings and get rid of Opie and Anthony.

The first 10 signatures seems to be legit. Then, O&A mentioned the web page on their show this morning. The other 1300+ (at 11am) are from O&A fans.

If you listen to O&A, some of the comments are pretty funny.

I cant stand O&A

Has any internet petition ever worked?

Who cares??

Fix the logo?? oh wait nope nevermind.


what time is S&R on now?

Fuck shredd & ragan. O&A > *. Especially if you get the uncensored version
<~~~ Listening to the XM portion of the show @ work right now

Party Rock!!

talk radio = lose.

3 to 7 or something. I dunno, I haven’t listened to them since I was in 8th grade.

3-7 I think.

I dunno, but now I listen to 101 in the am. :roll2:

thought You hated radio?

You haven’t had the extreme pleasure of listening to Art Bell.

i do, but when i do have it on, i’d rather hear bad pop music than some schmuck.

I actually find myself, listening to Tom Bauerly, and Rush limbaugh on WBEN.

I love Rush…he’s so fanatical, and doped up.

I rarely listen to talk radio, but I must say when I do I find O&A to be ANNOYING. They arent funny and sound like a couple 40 year olds who smoke to much pot and wish they were still 19. I actually enjoy S&R when I’m cruising through buffalo in the early mornings.

O&A were talking about this Petition this morning on the show and they told S&R to call them if they have problems

Bad pop music…isn’t that redundant?

I could care less what’s on in the morning, but I want my MUSIC back in the evening.

Where does Val Townsend fall into place?

I fucking <3 her. Meaning… i want to fuck her.