S13 KA Aluminum radiator

Just got some new stuff in…

a 1.75" thick aluminum radiator for S13 w/ KA.

It will be around the $200 mark.

We had an S14 version in a few weeks ago, it was successfully installed into Andrew Comrie-Picards S13, but there was not enough clearance for a stock hood. This rad is not quite as tall so it should fit.

The rads outperform stock rads quite well. ACP has not reported any overheating issues, where as he was having issues on the stock rad with SR20…

these rads would be for guys doing mild KA-T set ups and needing a slight boost in cooling performance at half the cost of a KOYO.



I just had an accident so my radiator is messed up. I’m looking for a new aluminum radiator. Does anyone know a good deal for it?

no complaints from the buyers for this one… one user said the inlets and outlets were smaller than stock.

i can get you a koyo for around double the price if you want.

That they are Bing…about 6mm smaller, and very short in length.

I have re-welded a new pipe on it though.

yeah these are exactly the same as those Mishimoto radiators floating around… but i get mine before someone screens a faggoty logo on it…

Do you make some for r32’S?

i dont make any…

i can get these off shore rads for R32 applications but it will end up being the same story… ie. 80% fit but will require something custom.

i did a rad like this for a R32 GTR and the guy said it needed to be modded to fit…

imho get a koyo.