S13 with S14 Sr20 Wiring help


Hey guys, Im new to this forum, I purchased a S13 convertible earlier this summer that had a S14 notchtop Sr20 swapped into it.

It seems that not all of the wiring was done, or done correctly and I just discovered quite a few wires that are cut and not connected to anything and am trying to figure out whats what.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading up on these swaps, but since I’m not experienced with wiring I’m quite lost as to what is what and where to really start.

Currently I dont have my speedometer or water temp gauge functioning and have been trying to locate the wires from the VSS. The ECU wiring harness seems to have the wires connected properly, but I have a feeling its really the wires coming from the VSS in the tranny that arent properly connected(I’ve checked that the VSS is connected to the plug that I assume is the lower wiring harness).

I can attach some photos tomorrow after I get off work.

I was wondering if there is anyone in the Etobicoke area who has had some experience with these swaps that could shed some light or really anyone in general.

Thanks a lot in advance and i’ll try to add any other info that may help someone give me more insight on what could possibly be wrong.

Also one last thing, My idle is pretty rough and the car will actually die when first started if it isnt revved up a bit at the beginning, once it warms up a bit the engine seems to run fine. Not sure if this could actually be a sensor that isnt connected? When I first got the car the idle (once engine was warm) was sitting at around 1400-1500 rpm, I adjusted it this past weekend and managed to get it to idle under 1k. But when it’s gold it idles very low (500ish) Could this also be a miss adjustment with the throttle body? I read there are settings for cold/hot.


Well no one seemed to have been able to help with this, I guess this forum is pretty dead, or just not helpful. But for anyone else who may have experienced this issue, it turned out to be the wrong MAF.
Notch top part number needs to be 69F00, 69F01 or the s15 sr20det maf.
Maybe this will help someone else as well in the future