Sandblast Rally 3.1.14 - Rally Racing in S.C.

Sandblast Rally is back again on March 1st, 2014. There are already over 45 cars and another 35 bikes signed up and it needs your help running the event. You don’t need any experience or special equipment to volunteer and by doing so you will get some of the best spots to spectate, a chance to party and hang with the drivers at the awards banquet and more than likely get you some free stuff. For more info on volunteering you can visit here: Volunteering | NASA Rally Sport and to sign up to volunteer go here: (you will have to log in/ sign up).

If you can’t volunteer you can still come and check out a full day of Rally Racing in the woods of South Carolina. Spectating is free and all the stages are within a short drive of Cheraw, SC. All special stage are on Saturday with a short shakedown stage on friday evening followed by a parc expose. Saturday will have a full day of stages (that include night stages) and you will get several opportunities to check out the cars and talk to the drivers throughout the day at service. The event website with the schedule, entry list and directions is at: SandBlast Rally - Cheraw, South Carolina

Forgot to add that Volunteers get free lunch and dinner on Saturday as well as a free event shirt.

There’s also a sign up for room sharing on

It looks like the Allegheny Highlands SCCA group is bringing RallyCross back to the PGH area. They’re doing a Test and Tune/ exploration event at Jennerstown Speedway on Feb. 23rd

It sounds like their Facbook page ( is the place to stay up to date, but details from their post on RacePa:

This is a Test N Tune event, no points are awarded and no championship for the season. No awards will be given for this event. The point is to have a low key day of FUN.

Schedule for the day:
9AM-10:30 Registration
9AM-10:30 Technical Insp.
9AM-10:30 Course is Open for Walking
10:45AM MANDATORY Drivers Meeting
11:00AM 1st Run Group, First Car off the line
Upon Completion of both morning heats a short break will be taken for course setup, clean up, hydration,etc…
Afternoon Heats-Once done, clean up will commence.
At end of day, a short meeting will be held no later than 5:00PM.
$25 for SCCA Members, $35 for non-members.

This being our first event things could change between now and then. Weather DOES play a factor, if its warm and the field is a mud fest. Expect the event to be cancelled. If its really cold, well, bundle up. We’ll stop as necessary for warm up breaks. If any changes take place such as event cancellation for any reason it will be posted ASAP on here as well as our Facebook page found here---->

Five more days until cars go hot on stage! It looks like there will be a lot of water crossings this year, which always results in some great photos as well as some bent up cars.

NASA R.S. has also started a new instagram account to post some of the 19,000+ archived photos they have from events. Give them a follow and some likes: @nasarallysport

Here’s what you missed. All photos are from Wicked Shadow Photography, check them out on Facebook and follow @nasarallysport on Instagram and NASARallySport on Facebook for more photos.

Overall winners Eric Wages and Sarah Montplaisir:

Car Results: