sandblasting engine components...

can i sandblast the bearing edges of my intake manifold without adverse sealing effects? i mean… people do heads and shit, so i assume it is cool, but is there anything i should be concerned about?

I would advise against actual sandblasting any engine part. You can use a blasting cabinet and walnut shell or corn husks.

what about bead blasting?

ive got a sandblaster i can use at work.

I just thought bead blasting was safer

our blaster is pretty gentle. I am going to tape off bearing edges. I think it will be fine. Then, white powdercoat because i am a ricer.

:word: media blasting > sandblasting pending grit confirm.

well, its only valve govers and timing covers. i am going to do the plenum with a wire wheel. they other parts came out nicely. powdercoat tommorow i hope.

Put them in the washing machine @ Hybrid after you blast them to get the shit out of them…

you should be fine as long as you dont hold it directly on the gasketed surface very long. sandblasting if youre using the right grain size typically won’t do very much harm to the metal beneath. at least thats the intent anyways…

ive never heard the gasket surface referred to as bearing surface… but ok

and use a nice media on it and it will be fine

load bearing surface = bearing surface.

he doesnt understand engineer lingo

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just got my parts back from coating. High gloss bright white = sooo sexy. Blue accents on the ornament cover “nissan 24 valve” or maybe i should make a custom one… hmmm custom actually sounds like a sweet ass idea…

u suck with all ur cool fabrication tools at ur disposal

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