shipping wheels/tires

How much is it usually to ship wheels with tires?? Im going to go through the UPS store in CP

also, How should I package them??

normally like 150-200

cardboard on the sides / faces w/e and that wrapping foam plastic shit i guess

Wheels and tires isnt gonna be cheap. I shipped 4 17" wheels that weighed 15lbs/ea to Cali, it cost me $90 and that was with a good hook up.

+1 thats how I shipped 4 17" RSX Type-S wheels + tires

Just protect the face of the wheels… the rest can handle a beating.

I used DHL and they were cheap, like 15 a wheel. I am not sure if they are around anymore though…

It cost me $29 to ship two 15" aluminum wheels thru DHL.

I put them in boxes from different wheels.

these are 17’s with 315’ s on the rear…so they are heavy…the rubber is heavier then the actual wheel…

I got my new wheels in, they came in 2 days…my tires are going to be here thursday…

The wheels are nasty. Cant wait to get them on.

you and ryan both got the sick nasty hook up

Try Greyhound for shipping them. You put them on a bus so maybe you wont really need packaging.

definitely try greyhound, but i’d still package them. i was quoted $30 for two mufflers with ~18" of piping on them (axlebacks) from here to MD. takes 7-10 weeks but if you’re not in a hurry its the way to go

i justed price this the other day on my 2 wheels it was 90 each to ship them ti Nevada.

7-10 weeks for a 5 hour trip?!

I ordered 4 brand new rally wheels for the WRX, shipped from Cali to NY and the total was under $70, UPS. Transit time was less than 4 days.

the problem with banding wheels/tires for UPS shipment is you can sometimes get nailed with a surcharge for odd packaging.

I use forward air for anything big.

I just shipped out my 18’s the other day. Fedex is cheaper then ups for sure. Total cost to me was $200. This included $60 for boxes and shipping supplies. I shipped 4 18’s with rubber and one spare wheel with no rubber from here to atlanta, ga. Fedex’s charge was $140. I’d much rather have sold them local, but what can ya do?

Have fun man, such a pain.

where is there a Fed ex place???

I went to the one on wolf rd however I would imagine there is one closer to you. You can quote all the stuff on the website beforehand to save you some time. The website will also have a store locater.

Parcel Post Plus on Nott Street in Niskayuna ships Fed Ex, DHL and UPS.

Your looking at like 250 at least.

Fuck I still owe Brew lunch.

I hope not.