Should it stay or should it go (Audi A3)


I keep coming up with sensor F265. I wonder if Audi can tell you if thats what it is?


On mine we did the water pump, thermostat and a full carbon cleaning while they were in there. @Justin was cool enough to txt me the pictures of each cyl and said we better do the decarbon now or I’d just be paying the labor to remove/install the intake a 2nd time a few months from now when it started throwing misfire codes. The valves were ugly.


So, I just spoke with the service adviser. Nice enough guy. I made a case about being on my THIRD water pump and he’s going to bat for me with his manager and AoA. He seemed to think that this $1300 repair was BOTH the WP and thermostat.

Crazy day. I need to get home and digest all of this and do some deeper research later. Not sure what to say right now.


Oh, and this. Totally perplexed.


Just curious if you wanted to share what this cost you at a good Indi like (sp) Swiderski?




Find any info? I was gonna try to look more last night out of curiosity but didn’t get any time. Stupid lawn.


not yet, no


and then…


No call back from Audi. Its been 1 1/2 days with no news. From what I understand it’s been escalated above the dealership. They could cover the WP/TSTAT assembly as this would be the 4th assembly on the car since new. Fingers crossed. I have been swamped with work yesterday and today.


The only replies i’m getting from Audi service dept are via text; asking for detailed receipts of all maintenance and whether or not I had them do the service based on their recommended intervals. It’s feeling more and more like they are trying to rake me for not having the car serviced at their their garbage, overpriced intervals.

The only leg I have left to stand on is that despite doing the maintenance myself (which really only consisted of 10k oil changes, spark plugs, air filter and cabin filter), I bought all my parts from the Audi parts counter while under warranty. Those are in my glove box. May need to stop in today to get their final verdict.


ooof… 10k oil changes. I know the computer calls for that but I NEVER push my 2.0t that long between changes.


so, to clarify. I personally like to do them closer to 8k. I also spoke to @juicedz4 and he actually sticks closer to dealer recommended intervals of 10k and has had no issues from what I remember from our conversation. I’ve had a couple go right to 10k, but i normally got to it before it hit 9k. I also only burnt through about 1/2-3/4 of a quart of oil throughout that time frame which is really good. shrug

I still think they’re not going to ‘good will’ this due to lack of dealer servicing. From their eye’s i’m just an uneducated fuckface who is asking for a free repair. idk.


Yea. I’ve had oil analysis after several 10k changes and it was fine. So I just keep at it.

Well hopefully they cover it, again. Sigh


They’re not going to cover it. Should be getting a call from the service manager today to get things moving forward on the repair though. Very unhappy with the experience so far.


Man, I could use some practical advice and or help here.

I dropped the car off last Tuesday. I was extremely cordial, as anyone would be, especially if they are trying to get a dealership or car manufacturer to cover a repetitive issue outside of warranty.

The first couple of days they had the car diagnosed, albeit with a tinge of uncertainty. They stated the cost of the repair and I nicely pushed back asking to see if AoA could do anything as a ‘good will’ considering the car is stock, bought CPO, and was dealer maintained throughout my time with it. This was a re-occurring issue and in my mind I had a leg to stand on.

Then, they went quiet. As of today the car has been there 9 days. I called Friday, no call back. I called Monday, no call back. I asked via text this Tuesday that the service manager give me a call and then opted out of the texting function. Here we are and still no call back. I am literally ready to drop the $1100 to have them replace the water pump/tstat (for the 3rd GD time) and I feel frustrated by the entire experience and the way they are treating me. The only positive is that they have me in a free 2018 a4 loaner… but still. I’m amazed that the dealer can treat me this way. I have about $10k saved for the next car, plus my trade, and was considering S4’s, but after all of this i’m beginning to wonder. Maybe it’s the orange county CA mentality… but they are treating me like fucking shit.

I have 3 weeks of work travel and my wedding coming up in Sept… and would like this resolved before then.


If they don’t cover it, you might want to just eat the repair cost and get rid of it ASAP. I wouldn’t hold on to a car if it became a task to own. Short term loss for a long term gain.


FWIW just speaking on similar circumstances of an issue with dealers not covering something under “good will”, my dads old matrix had some issue pertaining to the AWD system that the dealer wanted almost $3k to fix. He was very upset just as you are and wasn’t getting the treatment he felt necessary from the dealer so he wrote a letter to Toyota corporate. Now, this was his third consecutive dealer purchased Toyota with a loyalty of service dating back to over a decade. He wound up getting a response from the dealer that ultimately led to the repairs being done for under $1k. Wasn’t free but at least he got them to knock off quite a bit. If you are willing to pursue something like that, perhaps you could get something out of it? Sometimes a good old fashioned paper letter can get you somewhere.


I find this thread ironic as all hell, lol

@Motocrossx23 I think you are spot on. For as much as I wanted to (and initially wrote) about being torn about keeping this car, I think this seals it for me. 4 water pumps in 112k miles isn’t a good look.

I’m not overly shook up about it. Minor frustration but life goes on. Take a minor loss now and get in a winner next time. Not a big deal in the grande scheme of things.

@livin4hockey this is a route i’ll take for sure, can’t hurt


Most upper management is not going to like that an SA is not getting back to his customers at a luxury car dealer after multiple calls and texts… I would bring this to their attention and thank them for the loaner. Maybe a general manager can help you out.