Should it stay or should it go (Audi A3)


There has been some communication before the long weekend. But still no ETA on the car. It’s been a really fun 2+ weeks beating the shit out of this A4 though.


Got the call last night. I had the loaner a4 a total of 17 days and despite a mixed experience, they ended up getting the parts cost and labor cost down to a reasonable level in my opinion. The car is back and working as it should. I guess the overall experience was OK, but the communication and clarity on their end could have been MUCH better at times, and I think they knew it. The service manager was apologetic as fuck when i picked it up and clearly made up for it in my bill.

It’s hard parked for basically the entire month of September. When I get back into town in October I will probably begin to still plan the best exit strategy.


Good to hear its fixed at least.



Now drop it like it’s hot.


@jays , did you get the lawsuit about the timing chains in the mail? Of course, based on the verbiage I have no recourse. I am outside of 100k, and it didn’t fail earlier so I can’t reimburse my costs. SMH, just another ticking time bomb.

The tech did say that my intake valves and ‘everything else’ looked really good when in there.

Time will tell. Still thinking an exit may be the best move.


*timing chain tensioner


When did you get the timing chain letter? A co-worker had his replaced (damaged head at 50k miles) knowing that this was going to come out. I wonder if everyone has received them by now.



Just got mine late last week. If I had known I would have footed the bill before 100k, no problemo. :frowning:


Not to mention i’ve gotten no less than 7 ‘reminders’ in the past 6 months about the takata airbag recall, but Audi still doesn’t have parts. I guess ‘other manufacturers’ are getting precedence based on region and safety concerns. Laughable really, but not a personal concern of mine. Just find it funny.


Yeah, got my timing chain letter last week. They’re not replacing the chains unless they fail though and only prorating the cost of the engine replacement based on age/miles after the chain takes out the engine. Basically it’s a big fuck you.


Well said.

The bean counters knew how to mitigate risk on this in the best way possible. Massive fuck you and a ticking time bomb outside of warranty on LOTS of cars still on the road. The proper resolution would have been to extend the warranty and issue a fucking recall.


Now would be the time to sell the car before anything else breaks. Seriously.


sTI? lol


I’m at 65K on my 2012CC. I am doing the cam fowler for the fuel pump this week, and might just do the PVC, Timing chain tensioner and the carbon cleaning in the next few weeks just because.

All in all, I love driving it.



Doing it the tensioner yourself or taking it somewhere?


Doing it myself for sure.



Carbon cleaning at 65K miles


Bay cleaned up and running smooth.

Overall the car idles and runs smoother after a cold start in colder weather. It wasn’t terrible, but just like when I did this on my 335i, you realize how much better it can be after the cleaning is done.

Next job, tensioner, serp belt, and plugs.



They usually look way worse than that. The babied, all highway miles, I never exceed the speed limit cars tend to be worse than the cars that are actually ran harder.


I beat the piss out of mine and it still had terrible carbon buildup @72k. I know all DI motors get it but I think the VW 2.0tsi is especially bad.


I do drive it pretty hard.

Now that I have a few miles on it since i did this, I realize how much smoother it runs, “like new”. LOL