Sightings Thread


I saw 20wrx09’s car in atleast 3 different places in Niskayuna this afternoon


I think I may have seen ohnopopo in the white MS3 at the end of the northway yesterday evening.


hmm just saw this.
where abouts paul? i was at the bank,the pchop parking lot, and work. is that all of them haha


Pretty sure I’m looking at PJB’s bro across the room at Dapps right now.


yeah, that’s about right. I was at EMS, saw you drive by, then went to Army Navy (saw your car at the bank on the way) and continued on down Central and saw your car at work


Could be. Tattoo showing up thru the neck of his shirt?



Def your bro haha. I asked. Sighting confirmed.


he goes there a lot since his friend is the owner.


red GTR with YAMIFAST plates on Erie Boulevard a little while ago.


Works in Airport Park, has his own parking spot. I’ve seen Porsches and an old classic car in the same spot.


it was parked by Thai Thai when I saw it


Owns ‘The Shaker Group’. They buy their new NV cargo vans from me.


Saw a yellow c7 today.


Blue sti sedan no wing sitting in the capen lot here at UB with a shift518 sticker on it


I saw one a week or so ago driving my parents to dinner. My dad insisted it was a viper lol. /pjb


Saw PJB at Mohegan sun feeding his face at the Buffett. Had a jar of pennies with him


blue WRX with safety orange wheels on the northway northbound today. Is that anybody on here?


Rtrac1 i think is his username here. White focus ST. Dropped off 4 white taurus wheelt and 4 firestone snow tires to get mounted. They’re done, btw.


Not I. I have black steelies for my snows.

Interesting though. I’d like to see those on the car


Was going to say I thought you posted your car with Steelies and snows.