Sightings Thread


Saw a car plow into a guard rail in an inch of snow earlier. It was awesome.


Saw people driving like it was the blizzard of 93 just now. We got a dusting 5 hours ago and the roads are pretty much dry right now. 50mph in the middle lane of 87 is dangerous and you should not be driving.


Gotta learn how to pass.


Lol I was in the right lane. They didn’t bother me, just found it odd.


Lady was doing 7mph down RT4 in East Greenbush today in the middle lane. Was quite a sight.






Tom Tom GPS Ford Escape on route 7 in Hoosick this morning


Bunch of people going 20mph in the 3 inches of snow last night. It really wasn’t slick.


I think 3" is generous (that’s what she said) I should just expect idiots in snow by now. But it makes me mad every year. Especially on a road like the extension when you get a rolling roadblock. Why can’t you both go painfully slow in the same lane?

Also saw some sweet pickemup trucks doing donuts in the golf galaxy parking lot last night. Was really hoping one of them would hit the other.

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That would have ruled lol


It woulda made up for the shitty kart dynamics that’s for sure.

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my mistake.

whoever painted them had no fucking clue what they were doing. prep sucked, centercaps looked nearly yellow, etc.


noticed it was a guy on the focus st forums. didnt look terrible, but I prefer steelies for winter


Rtrac do you know my friend Eric with the Black ST with gray wheels?


I do not.
I just got my car a month ago though.


How do you like it? Obviously enough to buy it, but that and the Fiesta ST are on my short list of “When I land my engineering job, I’m getting a new car” options.


Honestly I love it.
I like the fiesta, but needed a little more space. I test drove a WRX wagon the same day I bought this. The interior was garbage imo, and even though I know the subie is a little faster, the ST felt much quicker and was more fun to drive


I think everyone I’ve talked to who purchases the Focus ST or MS3 said the exact same thing about the wrx. Bland interior and less fun feeling to drive.

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I rode in a 500 Abarth, and absolutely loved it (especially the straight pipe), so the lack of space in the fiesta isn’t a huge deal. Plus I figure I can get a similar sound to what I like in the fiat by just putting an exhaust on the fiesta/focus.