Sightings Thread


Just a resonator delete and you’ll get the sound you want.

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yeah, there’s lots of exhaust options.


I was driving a pre-production Fiesta ST for the past couple weeks. Loved that car, just a little too impractical for me. It’s a great all-round car though.
Looking to get behind the wheels of the Focus ST soon.


wrx interior is fkin terrible. otherwise a nice ride


it had a f’n boost gauge screwed to the top of the dash. pepboys special


Drove a new 4 series coupe last night, dope car.


Was it the spt gauge?
Sadly that’s how the dealers put them in :expressionless:


Lifted red Civic wagon on eastern avenue in Schenectady earlier. Pitman?




same Civic wagon and a silver Subaru going around my neighborhood sideways after midnight last night


I love all the people trying to dig their cars out of their spots and getting stuck in my apartment complex. I just brushed all the snow off with my arm and backed out. Snow tires and not being a ree-ree FTW!


Killington was such a circus on Sunday. :rofl Passed every car driving on the way there except an Audi A5 and Mercedes SUV that both went shooting by on the Northway at no less than 80mph. awd ftw


D. Gage’s old s10 for sale on Main street in Glens Falls


Oh yeah? At a business or someone’s house? Snap a pic of it if you can


House. I drove past it on my way to work and will try to get a pic after this job is done. Its half covered in snow but easily recognizable


This is the best I could get from a moving vehicle in the snow:


Awesome! Thanks man


You’re welcome


Awesome! Thanks man


I watched a Ford Focus do a 180 and whack the guardrail under the route 7 bridge on 890 a few hours ago.