Sightings Thread


wasnt me.

Donnie, buy the truck back


I might take a ride and go see the old girl.


Older body Focus

The s10 is for sale or trade


Watched a Camry for no apparent reason drive halfway into the snowbank at 25 mph near 20 mall this evening. Took them a solid couple of minutes to figure out how to turn the wheel left and step on the gas and I was stuck behind them because of bumper to bumper traffic.

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I watched a dumb bitch in an Altima go right thru an intersection and blast into a Civic, sending the Civic up a lawn sideways after stopping quick in front of me to turn thru the intersection on Michigan Avenue in Schenectady a few minutes ago.


Idiots… Idiots everywhere!

That’s how my gf’s scion got totaled. Dumb bitch blew a stop sign and t-boned her. Good thing the kid wasn’t in the car or I’d prolly be in jail.

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Heard theres a lot of accidents on the northway.

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Heard ruggieros on carman road is on fire.

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They are indeed.


shit, the pizza is pretty good there


Just drove past. Big chunk of roof caved in. Their chicken wing sub was bomb.

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Doubt you’ll be having another one any time soon.


Saw the first Mini Cooper I actually liked today on rt 146. Dark grey with black stripes, blacked out grill, tint and lowered on black wheels.


I saw Wayne on 890 an hour or so ago


saw pjb doin WORK at my new building the other day lol, fuckin love this guy, had pete and his friend working there, fuckin guys quit after 30 minutes doing the easiest part of building lol.


Thanks again Dave. Thats the smaller of the two loads. I ended up going to Predel’s 3 times today. Twice with all steel and the other time with tin. I had a few things like a dryer at home but the rest was from your garage.

I really stuffed the second load in it.


Np bro, hope u at least made some decent $ off the scrap


I sure did


How much do you make from a load of SHIT in the back of a standard pickup bed like that?

PM if you don’t want to go public with your figure.

Thank u PJB


Good money for a few hours work.