Sightings Thread


Fucking crackhead money


yeah, I was able to go see Tyrone on the hill and get a fat sack of rocks


Scrap is like $0.13 a pound i believe so while u lazy jews are sitting on moms couch or chilling at your full time jobs making $80 in an 8 hour day my man pjb prolly make triple that in a couple hours like he said… I love people like paul, who hustle to make that extra buck so many others wouldnt… Pjbs got that HUNGER!


Its easy money and I like making it.

Steel is $11.50/100 pounds and tin is $10/100 pounds.

Ive still got some brass and copper Ive gotta separate in my garage that Ive been collecting, that stuff is worth even more. Copper wire is worth 90 cents a pound.

Most of the time I just find stuff on the side of the road like the random dryer I found last week or friends give me/call me about stuff and occasionally I find things on Craigslist for free.


Blue Evo 8 on alt 7


Btw Paul, the port was $13.50/100lb last time I was down there


But I’d blow 1/4 tank of gas and an hour going there and back and Id actually have to strap the load down to go on the highway. Where I go is 5-10 minutes away and just more convenient.


Got love tapped in the rear by a light blue Subie on Washington this morning by Wally World; no damage, not even a scratch (Plastic factory bumper guards FTW), I said whatever, lady was real nice so no biggie.


she give you a handy to smooth things over


Impossible. Female in a Subaru = Lesbian.


lol truth


That thing have lime green rims or brake calipers? I saw a BBY 8 heading south on 87 the day, wonder if it’s the same owner?


new STI with license plate RUH RO driving around and at the gym on rt2… think hes friends with my neighbor, but i have NO FUCKING CLUE


Judging by the last bedload of scrap I took down to the port id say you probably cleared about $180 a load pjb, nice work


Not quite that per load but still a nice chunk of money.


jellies doing werk


primer grey 240sx behind Colonie Mechanical


that’s so cool


I’m either looking at sbardy in sushi x or his doppelganger.


Slap him and say “real life neg rep… Bitch”

Tapatalk is consuming my life