Sightings Thread




jseclosures truck at deli and brew around 1230 today


The guy Must’ve been a man dime.



A soft 5 maybe.


A nickle and a few penny’s to say the least .


Blue TDI Jetta with a don’t tread on me sticker pass me between 24 and 23. Wayne?

Tapatalk is consuming my life


was he driving 100mph on the shoulder with a middle finger out of the driverside window?


Haha no.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


Soon scraping may be illegal to do. All this tax free $$$ is upserting politicans

Sold the lifted civic wagon. I am lifting a forester now. So if you see a lifted winter beater forester with supercharger that’s me.


Yours was the red one with black on the bottom though, right? Some kid up the street from me owns it now.


Silver 02-03 Saab 9-5 Aero with roof racks, at Intersection of Western and 155 around 5 tonight. Nice looking Saab, looks like you are taking care of it.


Saw this also. Very nice looking Saab


If it has fresh painted white bmw bottle caps, roof basket and dented front hood yes it is my old one. Does the same kid have a vw jettea wagon with porsche wheels?

I don’t know of any other lifted awd civics up here. I was going to lift this other one I have but I might sell that too.


Following SXYTIME’S ass all through latham.


I didn’t pay much attention the wheels or hood but its got a roof basket. Theres always a bunch of VW’s up at that house so its very possible. Theres an old Squareback wagon in the driveway and a few Baja Beetles around the house now.


oh and I ran into Sbardy at Hooter’s this afternoon.


How closely?


very :excited


Playing “just the tip” with him?

Tapatalk is consuming my life


There is no tip in game with sexy time ! It’s all in or nothing . Betting he went all in as Meena is a whore