Sightings Thread


One can not deny that I love me some titties…


Yellow RT10, and super clean white 90-91 Crx in Scotia today


As do I. The redhead bartender was probably the hottest one in there then. Our waitress had nice tits and ass but not the best face


Love hoots. Lets go soon, drinks on Sbardy.




Sounds like a plan


shift hooters night?


Motor Boatin sons a bitches ITT.


I’d be down for that




Will neg as soon as possible.


red '65 Mustang fastback on 23 in Hudson this afternoon. Surprised to see that out in the salt.


Kenny getting out of one of 10 blue wrx’s at his house


Saw what looked like an older female driving a blue bug eye with gold wheels, lip, and a huge front mount? lol


Newer hyundai elantra? On 90 this morning between 25 and 24 beeping up a storm next to me. Pretty sure I didn’t piss anyone off so next guess it it’s someone from here?

Tapatalk is consuming my life


Saw shift looking like shit.


word, can we vote to get the old layout back? im literally about to never log on again.


it doesn’t seem that bad to me. I can still post just fine.


I’m guessing people are bitching to bitch, since that is the was this forum runs.


I actually thought about it as well. Fucking hate vb4