Sightings Thread


^ :rofl +1

Its fucken bright in here now, too bright


Saw a slammed tan accord kick my ass on Washington ave extension last night.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


with tinted windows? she’s an idiot and can’t drive her car


Just saw a nice looking white 3 series slammed, white rims, with a rear license plate frame that said “just stance” on I-90. looked great.


Did they throw the 4 ways on? Fuckin ricers man.


Saw sbardy park longer than 30 min in a tow away spot. Fucking rebel


burgundy Bentley convertible on Plank road in CP a bit ago


They four wayed so hard.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


the jungle babyyyyy. What you doing working out down there?


I usually go there before or after my classes at hvcc now. Fuckin place is dark tho


Saw shift really busy today



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blue mkiv golf on 18s driving down 90 on my way back from boarding…not a good time of year to have your rims on.


16’s with tons of tire FTW! The potholes are awful this year too.

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16s with tons of tire you say…


Ok so tons of tire compared to the factory 18’s that came on it lol.

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I saw this truck at Subway in Menands this afternoon:


Last day for $5 subs yo! Gotta get that shit!

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The worst part is that I remembered I have a $5 Subway gift card after leaving the pizza place across the street