Sightings Thread


it’s down the road from my work so I go there quite a bit


I was working on North Pearl street today and was hungry and thats the closest area for food


Where did you go to eat?


No golden fried chicken for you PJB?

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Yesterday in Selkirk (Corner Mart on RT. 9W and RT. 396): Red mid-2000’s Jetta SLAMMED on stock wheels (had to be frame on ground). Stickers in the back window, Mass plates. Gave the kid a quick nod as I was in a hurry to get in and out. Made his friends look as I pulled out…I love my MXP exhaust.

Today in Glenmont where 9W and 32 split, blue Subaru WRX wagon with black wheels, HID’s and yellow fogs. Looked pretty sharp.

I see a VW Golf (newer body) every day or so on 9W in Selkirk/Glenmont (maybe works at Capital Cities?). It’s a dark grey color, not much done to it except for maybe a drop and lots of tint. If you’re on here, your passenger side headlight (IIRC) has been out for like 3 weeks. Fix that crap before you get a ticket!


the pizza place next to the laundrymat near the grocery store. The barbeque chicken pizza was really good.


lowered, i think green, civic getting searched on rt. 9


Puerto Rican roadside Olympics team?


nope but way to be racist, kid was white. not that it matters.


Dark blue Ferrari ff on Broadway in Saratoga this afternoon


my buddy ant


Grey Eclipse with obnoxious HID headlights and fogs almost torque steer into a guard rail leaving the 25 tolls onto 90E this morning around 7:35.

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Correction, the car is blue. Not sure where I got dark grey from.

Anyway, he fixed his HID light that was out. Looks much better now :tbu


Really glad you cleared that up @camarojoe… We were worried



White honda with “diez nts” as a license plate LOL


Avb at best fitness alb. Put my balls on your door handle.


What time did you gays go? I was there after 6



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he could’ve stuck his wiener in the washing machine hose that was back there (still attached to a washer) or even use the hose in another way. It was black and ribbed .