Sightings Thread


Who the fuck are you talking to bro?


In responce to the post about wanting my truck bed t-bagged


This afternoon on the off ramp to the Taconic Parkway on route 52 I saw a Toyota suv pulled over and there were 6 trooper cars and a flat bed there and the cop dog was in the back of the truck.

Surprisingly it was a 50 or so year old white guy.


prolly a mobile meth lab

…or stolen hot wheels


Black Dodge Challenger SRT8 in the snow on I90 this morning, apparently no fucks given.


I keep seeing a black jeep srt8 in menands, always liked these cars


yellow Nissan Sentra Spec-V with an Audi Quattro grille in front of Best Fitness in Albany tonight


white Ford E350 box truck with a broom handle attached to the wiper arm in front of Big Lots in Troy this morning. Ghetto as fuck


is it all blacked out? my buddy has one with 22 inch rims they look exactly like the stock ones but bigger


black with black rims iirc


oh ok not the same one then


white Tesla sedan with dealer plates on route 20 in Guilderland earlier


Smoosh on Hoosic street saturday I believe.


Red 2nd Gen MazdaSpeed 3 with Plastidip wheels, badges, eyelids, hood scoop, and probably more behind me going down 20 in Guilderland just after 5.


blue WRX with a piston hanging from the rear tow hook at Walmart in Albany tonight. Anybody on here?


bad ass looking flat black '09+ F150 with a big lift and fiberglass fenders and bed sides on 9&20 in Rensselaer earlier.


we built that truck. lots of money in that thing


looks like it. I don’t really like the '09+ but I did like this one


somebody seriously fucked up a diesel pump at the Glenmont Cumberland Farms. Its tore right off the base.


red '14 Vette on the northway by Lake George and Deuce and a 1/2 on the northway with a Mazda in the cargo area on the back by exit 13 this afternoon