Sightings Thread


ain’t nobody got time fo dat!


it actually had a trailer on it, one of the smaller military ones


white ~'05 Dodge Ram with a homemade diamond tread continental kit on the rear at a gas station on route 5 in Fonda and a blue Chevy Celebrity with steer horns on the hood on Northline road in Milton this morning


black Maserati convertible on Carman road in Guilderland this afternoon


I’ve seen three R8s within the past like, 10 days. One was white near the Stewarts at the 146/20 intersection; another was black on Carman Rd pulling into First Niagara by the rotary; and the other was silver, also on Carman Rd but by Mike’s Diner.


Summer is here all the nice cars are coming out, along with the rif-raff.

Saw a mint brown Toyota FJ on Albany st.


found a '71 Cuda in a garage today where I worked a side job with a friend. 78 year old lady owns it has had it since 1974. Needs some bodywork from the view I got of it but all there.

I asked but its not for sale.


black s2k w bbs lm & project kics neo chro lugs, red brides, 4 point roll bar, hard top, spoiler, parked on campus today (not in the law parking lot)…really think its the one that use to have the plate 2soonjr but just had a standard number plate so it could be a different s2k


That’s eldrid’s car. He’s on here but e never posts anymore


Cleanest s2k in the area.


@AMD IS THE BEST at vent today


@Vovchandr, I was 99% certain it was you and I asked Chris to confirm, and he was like that’s not Vlad. Lol. Fail. Next time I see you I’ll say whats up. I 've actually been meaning to get a hold of you as I heard you have a Grom. I’m pretty interested in getting one for my girlfriend and I and would love to check it out. Anyway, hope everything is good man.


orange Bentley coupe at the Fage yogurt plant in Johnstown yesterday and a red R8 on the northway this afternoon near Latham


Red Viper on central by Fucillo going towards Albany @ around 4pm yesterday, regular license plate.

@Wayne64SS on 20 and 155 going towards Delanson around 6pm in the flatbed


Gray Carrera GT on colonie street in Albany

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Freddie of the Dunkin Donuts empire yesterday on Rt7 at DD by the aiport with a new white Maserati next to a new 7 series next to a G wagon if I recall


White RS5 on 90 with some young Asian dude driving it like a grandma.


black Ferrari coupe on the thruway southbound near Kingston this afternoon and what looked like the aftermath of a huge Harley rearending an Escalade on Grooms road in Clifton Park tonight.


Saw PJB at adult world around 1pm


you lie. I was on the thruway around Kingston in my van around that time and my truck was still at the repair shop.