Sightings Thread


I saw the most ridiculous fucking crash on i87S just before the twin bridges around 530 last week. As usual, after 5PM this road is filled with fucking idiots driving 6" from each others bumpers with no forward visibility other than the piece of plastic directly in front of them. So I’m in the right lane doing about 65 in the 55 zone, and theres about 8 or 9 cars in the middle lane driving RIGHT behind one another, literally the most unsafe thing I have ever seen.

All of a sudden I see a white car make this erratic driving maneuver, weaving from the right lane into the middle lane in an attempt to pass whoever was driving in front of her. I thought to myself “how the fuck is this car going to fit between all of those cars that are already tailgating to begin with?” They must have been going at least 70 or 80.

Anyway, this white Chrysler Sebring SPINS the FUCK out, 180 degrees, tire smoke everywhere, and ends up stopped in the far left lane of the northway facing oncoming traffic. It was like something you’d see on a NASCAR Track. Smashed car parts all over the road. Everyone did the brake slam and traffic went from 70 to 7 in about two seconds. Everyone had that “omg what just happened” scared shitless look on their faces. It was an accident that could have been prevented by simply not driving like a fucking idiot.

The skidmarks are still there. Look for them the next time you’re on that section of road.


Spotted PJB buying a chevy. Ata Boy!


Saw a bunch of OG’s hanging around in a parking lot in Clifton Park Saturday night


was a way better time then i thought it would be. good to see you, and all the other people that weren’t being idiots.


plain white Honda Ridgeline with a police light bar and sirens on flying down the thruway westbound this afternoon. Since when is that a cop car?


Saw shift falling apart…


it fell apart a long time ago


schdy pd has a blue undercver jeep liberty i spotted yesterday

…idk why i’m posting here, there is no one left on this site


yeah, I didn’t even post when I saw you at the boat launch in Glenville on the 11th. I was doing paperwork in my van in the parking lot.