Snowmobile pipe with big dent...fixable

This pipe met a tree recently…any thoughts on an inexpensive way to remedy this, or any idea how much a shop would charge to patch it up??? Believe it or not but the sled was still completely drivable, just loud as hell, slightly sluggish in the mid range and slightly less top end…was very surprising actually.

yeah the hibrid guys should be able to fix that.

thats one rusty pipe tho. what sled is it? you might find one from a bone yard cheaper.

it’s fixable, but keep in mind that 2 stroke exhausts are sonically tuned to keep the fuel in the cylinder during the compression/exhaust stroke. I’d buy a new pipe if you can. I repaired a dirtbike pipe before and it never ran right after that.

weld the tears in the metal then plug one end and force air in the other, might beable to fix it

id cut the messed up ends and get new sheetmetal and roll it to fit then weld it back this way its very close to how it was and fixed

I would buy an aftermarket pipe.

dont fix it buy a new one like newman said all 2 stroke pipes are specially designed and even a dent in the side will rob performance

definitely just buy a new one, unless its a pos sled and you just want to fix it for as cheap as possible.

This pipe was an SLP pipe on my '99 Polaris XC700 …so right now I’m rocking the stock pipe. I’ll probably end up getting a new one, but figured if anyone knew of an effective an affordable method I’d give it a shot. id be a bit worried about the whole tuning issue on 2 strokes and wouldn’t want to possibly burn a motor from it…

As for the rust…I had the whole pipe wrapped with header wrap, I can only guess that built up moisture underneath??? Either way, the wrap made a huge difference on the sled, so I’ll take a bit of surface rust:)

For the hell of it…here’s a few pics of my XC and my friends 600 HO IQ…

yeah, header wrap will hold a ton of moisture and rust shit pretty badly.

+1 the champers inside are tuned to give to power at a specific RMP range

Who has the IQ ??? Is his name Chris ??

Nice lookin sled :tup:

as the above said…2stroke pipes can make or break and engine.
just buy a new one.

What does the rest of your snowmobile look like if you managed to do that to the pipe?

Derrick, the guy who owns the IQ is my roommate, his name is Bill.

Here’s the damage…wasn’t that bad. When I hit the tree I wasn’t going much more than 15mph as i had almost managed to save it…also, I had bailed before the impact so my weight wasn’t an issue. The cowl immediatley opened up and I think that saved it. The only damage was to the front bumper, hood bracket, and belly pan support. $80 in brand new parts and she’s ready to rock (minus the pipe). Looking back, it could have been much worse. Also, everything was pushed in a bit more but I took my foot to it and kicked a lot of it back to get the hood to close for the rest of the ride.

its amazing the damage the old Indy front bumpers would absorb.

The girl here at our shop just totaled her 1 year old rev by hitting something similar. the whole tunnel took the brunt of the hit pushing the suspention points back and up 2 inches. not to mention destroying the hood & pipe.