So long Volkswagen Phaeton.....

Sweet car but way over priced IMO

No VW is worth that much anyways.

That car was actually a very good deal for what you got…

If I had the money I would drop it on a Phaeton any day. One of my coworkers has one, and it’s worth every penny. Bentley quality at half the cost and four times the exclusivity. Screw anyone who determines the value of a car because of the badge on it.

an A8 runs you a similar tag. you pay that much for a car, you want the name/exclusivity. not everyone thinks like that but most do. it’s definitely worth the cost, but i see why VW is doing this. the phaeton is a great example of the direction VAG wants to head, but it’s not practical for this market at this time with this economy.

i remeber standing in the autohaus showroom and looking at the phaeton when it first came out. a girl pointed at the phaeton and commented to her father about what a cool looking jetta that was.

exactly why i DONT like BMW’s and most of their drivers. the name shouldnt matter at all. the phaeton is hot and i would rock one anyday.

That sucks. Great car. I don’t care what the badge says.

i hear what you are saying. but they aren’t marketing to people who think like us. a good car is a good car, but VW doesn’t have the name to back up that price tag. they are “the people’s car”. not a company known for cars ~$80,0000.

they were the peoples car. they have priced themselves out of that title

they’ve priced themselves out, but they still tend to have that image.

I agree, many bmw drivers out there are pricks

but there are cool ones. people into the cars not the image. mechanical/performance side, not status symbol

i’m just saying there is a reason bimmers are held on a pedistal. I valet, I’ve driven most types of cars. It really is the best compromise between luxury and performance

true, but at least VW gave it a shot. a long time ago VW used to be a respectd name (not here but across the atlantic river). i thought it wasa great car, even for the money, even if it was a VW.

and coldaccord i agree totally. BMW markets their car very well and holds that niche. and unfortunaltly i am friends with some bmw owners on this forum; i make fun of their physical attributes often, but they are still cool guys

it is a great car especially for the money. that’s what VW is all about. great cars for the money. they are still a respected company, but just not so much in tuner circles.

the phaeton was not designed to replace the jetta. i remember reading an article a long time ago when the phaeton was first mentioned that it will not be a profitable venture for VW. think of it as more of an advertising campaign. it wasn’t supposed to be a huge seller. the whole idea behind it is that it’s a flagship car designed to to show the company direction, and the technology that VW has to offer.

yup, and now the car might not depreciate as much as say the A8’s…which can be picked up dirt cheap even only a year old. they are like cadilacs. the only full size luxury vehicles to hold their value are bmw’s and mercedes, and even then the depreciation is scary

no more drivers wanted?

Every bmw driver is a prick. :slight_smile:

theyre nice…

i think ive only seen 1 or 2 around buffalo…

They’re not classy at all. I would rather have one over the A8, which seems to have been inspired by a Dove commercial.

i’m curious as to what your logic is behind this statement.

:lol: I actually understand that statement. I agree :slight_smile: