So you think you can detail a car?

I know a bunch of you guys have detailing businesses on the side, and figured I’d give you guys a chance to showcase your skills, while getting my car cleaned in the process.

My current project has apparently sat under a tree for years:

Note the years of dirt sucked up into the paint:

Now, I’m not going necessarily for show quality, but this thing’s hurting in the paint department.

I’m not looking to spend a million dollars, and the car isn’t super mobile right now, but let me know if you’d like to take a crack at it, and your rates, exterior only at this point as the interior is basically immaculate.

Paging Kramer.

fuck that guy, I’ll only let kramer do it if it’s free.

Sweet god thats a good looking car.

:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

Fuck that shit, I’d go Gatville stylez on that fucker and take a straight-edge to it :lmao

Super cereal though I don’t have the materials/equipment/experience to take on a ballzout restoration like that.


That’s some serious work honestly, you wouldn’t want to bring it to me for what I’d have to charge.

If you get bigred drunk enough he might consider doing it for $1,000+

Do it urselff. Save money

You fucking queers

I’ll do it.

Not our fault your shit sucks. Would probably cost $150 in materials just to start on that fuckin thing :lol

just do it when im not looking

not really

I’m gong to buy 2 mother’s claybar kits for $30 and prove you wrong you fucking chode smuggler nit-wit.

Yeah well it will still look like a shitshow you cotton-headed ninnymuggins.
never heard that one before! haha

Benny, just so you realize that when you dont look after paint for that long, its not going to look factory minty fresh after a detail job. theres only so much u can take off and out of clearcoat. maybe a sanding and a reclearing is in order?

I’m not that worried about it lol, not looking for factory fresh. I’m looking for a finish that ants don’t want to live in.

Elf>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*>>vot vot

Ill take a stab at it, I guess it cant get any

Benny, if you want to I can give it a go as well.
edit: u still have my cord :smiley: