Some turbo information please

I have had some inquiries on turbos, and one has me stumped. The GT2871R. Apparently, there is a GT2871R-2 and a GT2871R-15 commonly available. I have been asked about a GT2871RS, and I can’t find ANYTHING about this turbo. I can find a GT2860RS referred to as the “disco potato”, but that is about it. I have checked with all the reputable turbo builders, and can’t find it. I have checked Garrett, Forced Performance, Precision T & E, ATP, and NONE have them have heard of a GT2871RS? Someone please educate me and point me towards where these come from…

Thanks in advance,

if I am correct the difference between the 2871 turbos could be like 0.64 or 0.86 and other small shit, but go with a GT2871R, from what I hear it is the best for a sr20, and hopefully someoen can confrim that :).

i dont think there is such thing as GT2871RS, its only GT2871R.
GT2860RS im guessing is same as GT28RS = disco potato
and s15 turbos are GT28R or GT2560R
thats my understanding of em.

Thanks guys, that is what I seem to be finding also. It just seems so many guys wanted a “GT2871RS” and I can’t find such a creature…I think it is indeed a GT2871R. I know forced Performance makes a couple versions: GT2871R-2 and GT2871R-15…Guess I need to find out what is the difference between those and the regular GT2871R?

Thanks for the help