sr clutch fork nube move

So I reinstalled my sr after having work done, and forgot to align my clutch fork and almost everythings bolted back up now. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix it/adjust it without to much work? I was thinking it might be easiest to unbolt the tranny and pivot the motor forward and sqeeze my hand in …

You will have to drop the tranny, unbolting it from the motor is the hard part anyways.

Yeah I figured, I pull the motor almost every year for something new, I was just hoping I didn’t have to again, like I was hoping there was a way to move it from the outside through the hole the fork comes out at or something

make the slave cylinder pin longer or shorter?

if you didn’t align the clutch, i suggest you remove your tranny, align it and reinstall. Might wanna check the pilot bushing too.

Like you guys said, unbolting is the hardest part.