sr20 question

i bought a 240 s13 off my buddy he had it parked for a couple months and its not getting a spark now. can someone tell me how to test the ignitor chip and where to find a cheap one if thats the problem. thanks

Did it ever run? Do you have power to your coil packs? Do you have power to your CAS? typically ignitors just don’t die.

yeah it ran good. he burned the clutch up and parked it he did replace the starter in it before the clutch went out. we just checked 1 coil pack and there was no spark i searched a few forums and it sounded like the ignitor chip was a common problem

again I ask the same questions… Do you have 12v to the coilpacks? Don’t respond that you don’t have spark… That tells me nothing. Do you have 12v to the CAS?

I have some Q45 ignitors and a Z32 ignitor if that happens to be the problem. PM me for a price.

i just went and checked them for power using a test light with the ignition in the on position and they had power

the ignitor chip is what tells the ECU to send power to the coil. So I don’t think it is an ignitor chip. If you have 12v to the coils, cas, and injectors there should be no problem starting that car as long as it is in time still…

So it just cranks and does not start?

yeah should i check the fuel next? my buddy said its getting fuel but could be wrong

yeah check to make sure you are getting 12v at your injector. do you hear the fuel pump prime when you turn the key to on?

It would probably be wise to start going through the FSM

i wired in a new ignitor chip and it fired right up. its been runnin like a champ since then