sr20det running extremely rich, help!

hey everyone. so this is my problem…i have a sr20det pretty much stock except fuel pump,pulleys,intercooler,flywheel and 3inch exhaust. it ran fairly rich at when it was stock, until one day it started to lean out bad ( injectors failed ) so i decided to upgrade my injectors to 550cc, tune my ecu and get a z32 maf. now after installing all of this my car runs so rich at idle. as soon as i start it up it’ll stay around 15.2 or so but then starts to climb to 17+ and stays there for a second, then it goes all the way back down to 10.0…all of this happens within 5 seconds. i can see the gas spray out my exhaust when i rev it up. i’ve checked for leaks on the injectors and they are fine, ecu is working fine because i tested it in another car, and as far as i know my maf is good too. any ideas on the problem? also i tried putting my ecu into that diagnostic mode and the light just stayed on for 15 secs then went out and didn’t come back on again. i’m open to any ideas/suggestions, thanks!

my car does the same thing man … burns gas like theres is no tomrow…plus who did your tune

o2 censor.

MY O2 fucked off too. Made it pour lots of fuel in.

Same thing with my car. Was thinking its the O2 sensor also because Park muffler did such a shitty job on my test pipe.

well it wasn’t the o2 sensor. i replaced that and its running the exact same. also i did get the codes figured out. he blinked a 34 which is hte knock sensor. replaced that, the code is gone. but now code 55 appears… car is still running the same. when i start it up its around 15afr then climb to 17+ then goesb ack down to 10.0. all within about 5 seconds. this is so frustrating! any other ideas?